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Successfully split large PST File into multiple smaller PST files

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  • PST Splitter supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST file format
  • Four Options to Split PST File by Date, Year, Size and Folder, Email ID, Category
  • Support to Add Single or Multiple Outlook PST File
  • Supports to Split Archive PST File or Active Outlook PST File
  • Split One Outlook PST File to Multiple PST Files by Size of 1 MB to 1 TB
  • Retains data integrity after splitting Microsoft Outlook PST File
  • Compatible with Windows 10 Operating system and all below versions
  • Requires Microsoft Outlook installation & configuration in the system
  • Split up Large PST File of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002
  • Single Panel Utility – Easy user interface to split Outlook PST file Apart

PST Splitter – Split Outlook PST File into Smaller Parts

Split PST is an application used for splitting PST file into smaller parts. It makes easy for users to get rid of all the problems that might occur due to oversized PST files. With multiple options for choosing splitting criteria, it eases out the whole process of splitting Outlook PST files. To use Split PST file software, it is important to have MS Outlook installed and configured in your machine.   Read More

With rapid business growth lethargic communication speed unable to perform vital information transactions comfortably. The most sought for PST splitter software that divide Outlook PST file into many small PST files and improve Outlook performance. Split PST process into many parts fulfills an important need of Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 users to break up large PST file into many small PST files.

Prominent Features of Best PST Split Software

Split Large Outlook PST File

Splits Large Outlook Data Files

The Split PST file software features a proficient quality of splitting Outlook PST file for aiding manageability of its storage. Outlook begins encountering performance issues as soon as its data file size arises to increase. Splitting of PST data into multiple files of smaller size benefits to sustain data yet not run into performance problems.

4 Options to Divide PST File

Offers Multiple Splitting Options

The PST splitter software allows dividing Outlook PST file by using 6 different option as mentioned:

  • Split PST file by Size
  • Split PST file by Date
  • Split PST file by Folder
  • Split PST file by Year
  • Split PST file by Email ID
  • Split PST file by Category

Split PST file by Size

Splits PST File by Size

Split PST by size option helps in easily breaking huge PST file into smaller segments using a defined size for all. You can assign a value for splitting PST file between 5 MB to 10 GB. The PST divider will start splitting PST files into multiple parts according to the selected value.

Split PST By Date

Divide PST File by Date

The Split PST software allows breaking oversized PST file by date. In this, one can select a specific date and the tool will break PST file into two parts accordingly. The first part will contain data 'of and prior' to the specified date while, the second part will have 'data' after that date.

Split Outlook PST by Year

PST Split by Year

To divide Outlook PST file by year, select split PST by year option as it is helpful in breaking PST data yearly. The first section of the file has content 'of and previous' to the specified date. On the other hand, other sections of PST file will have data 'Next' to the specified date.

Split PST file by folder

Split PST File by Folder

This option allows you to split each folder by size into multiple small PST files. PST Splitter creates a single PST file for each folder within the selected Outlook PST file and then, divide respective folder by the size defined by you.

Generates CSV Report

Generates Log Report after Splitting Outlook PST Files

After the tool finishes dividing large PST files, it creates a complete report containing all the information regarding the splitting PST process. This log usually comprises of columns namely folder name, number of items in the source PST files of each folder, difference of items after and before splitting Outlook PST file, folder path, and sum.

Save Splitted PST File to Folder

Saves Splited PST at Desired Location

After the dividing PST file into smaller parts, the resultant PST are needed to be saved somewhere. Now, a user can pick the storage destination of the divided PST files according to their choice, using the option provided in the program. Thus, it helps to skip any type of confusion that might have arisen if; both the source file and processed files were saved in the same folder.

Select Outlook Version

Provides Option to Select Outlook Version

There are multiple versions of Outlook available in the market now. PST file location and file format vary accordingly to Outlook version. Split PST File software has got an option where it lets the choose which version of Outlook they are using. As a result, the tool will be able to choose the file format on its own.

Versions of Split PST File Software

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Demo Version: The trial mode of PST splitter software splits 50 large sized PST files into smaller parts. This version shows you complete PST splitting process and boost up confidence in you split many PST files together in full version.

Full Version: For splitting more than 50 emails, purchase full version of Split PST software and get answer to the query of how to split oversized PST file in bulk. You can avail online purchase or can buy software from resellers located in different parts of the world.

Split Outlook PST File into Smaller Parts - Step by Step

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Split PST Software

Step 1 : Free Download Split PST File Software.

6 Options to Split PST File

Step 2 : 6 Options to Split PST File, Select Any One.

Browse Large PST File

Step 3 : Add Large Outlook PST File in the Tool.

Click on Split Button

Step 4 : Click on Split button to Break Up Large PST File.

Watch to How to Split PST Files into Multiple Parts

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FAQ's Related to Split PST Software

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How can I run Split PST software on my system?
First, you have to download PST Split software and install on your system. Then you have to follow the below steps:
  • Open PST splitter tool and click on the Split button.
  • Then, select Outlook version and choose Split PST Option.
  • For example, choose Split PST by Size and click Next.
  • Browse to source PST file, select size of the resultant file.
  • Finally, select the destination folder >> click Next.
  • PST divider will start spitting Outlook PST file.
Is there any trial version available for this utility?
This PST splitter comes with both free and paid editions. You can use free version before buying it.
Do I need to have MS Outlook installed on my PC to use this software?
Yes, it is essential to have MS Outlook installed for using Split PST software.
Is it possible to split Outlook PST files if they are corrupt?
No, the corrupt PST files are needed to be repaired first. Only then, this application will be able to split PST files.
I have archive data which I want to split. Can I split my archive files with the help of this utility?
The tool supports to split archive data properly. The Outlook PST file splitter even split archive.pst file by date, size, year & folder.
How much time does the software takes to split 20 GB PST file?
The Split PST software consumes very less time to divide PST file. The estimated time taken by the software depends upon the file size.
I always get this error “Outlook is not set as default email client” ? Can anyone help me out with this problem?
To avoid this error you should set Outlook as the default email client for this software to work properly.

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